Put Your Auto Shop Social Media Marketing on Steroids!

Here at Majestic Warrior Auto Shop Marketing, we tackle social media advertising with a totally different approach. By focusing on the strengths and quality of the services you provide and advertising them in a way that engages potential clients, your auto repair shop would be known by many and clients themselves would do the advertising for you by word of mouth!

Our Social Media Services

People nowadays can practically never be separated from their smartphones and tablets. Most, if not all, only visit social media sites — Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, among others. Because of the growing number of people who use this platform both personally and professionally (even employers visit an applicant’s social media account to assess his or her character profile), commercial establishments seize the opportunity to use it as a way to advertise and market their products and services.

In the same way, we capitalize on this potential market by providing the best social media services you could have at an affordable fee. We highlight your auto repair shop’s strengths into something that would make clients and viewers view YOU as something that they need in their lives. We help you build your persona on social media and make your shop appear even more accommodating and approachable. By doing so, customers would be attracted and would eventually opt for your services.

Why Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is one of the many Internet marketing strategies we employ to establish your presence on the World Wide Web. Marketing your auto repair shop in different social media platforms greatly boosts your sales because of the many users who use them to interact with people and avail of different products and services.

And because more and more establishments use social media, potential customers and loyal patrons can now reach their favorite companies and brands easily. They can ask, say, or give feedback about anything and everything they like or do not like about their products and services.

But more importantly, each new post is something that would build discourse and encourage discussions and interactions with your clients. Your auto repair shop would be a haven for many who need help with their car troubles and woes.

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Facebook Advertising for Auto Repair Shops

Facebook is the most used social media account all over the world. You can rarely find a person who does not have an account on Facebook. Facebook has at least a billion users and visitors and numbers continue to go up daily.

This is why one of the main targets of our auto repair shop social media marketing is establishing your presence on Facebook. By making a Facebook ad, random users and clients who want to find the nearest auto repair shop near them would immediately stumble and find your shop.

Using the power of social media advertising, we transform your auto repair shop from an anonymous one-among-many auto repair shops into a business they can have their car pampered and taken care of.

We design the ads for you and help you customize a message that fits your companies brand and offer to attract more customers to your shop from Facebook. We use hyper local targeting to get your ad in front of the type of clientele you want. This requires a monthly budget paid in advance to promote your shop through Facebook ads.

Why Choose Our Social Media Team

We understand that the Internet (and social media) may not be your thing. Tinkering and doing auto repairs is your cup of tea, but communication and social engagements may be areas that you are not so adept in. That is why we are here to take the advertising of your business off your hands.

Here at Majestic Warrior, our strength is engaging people and convincing them that our client’s products and services are something they can NEVER live without.

And no, our powers do not end until your social media presence is a done deal — we help you in managing your social media account so that clients and potential customers may find you easier to reach. By marketing yourself into easily accessible channels like social media, customers can flock to your shop like a band of flamingos!

By partnering with us, we take care of the social media management of your business while you get busy with improving your own craft and gaining the trust of clients that stumbles upon your social media pages.

We provide 3 levels of social media marketing:

  1. We post every day to multiple social media platforms
  2. We post weekly
  3. We post through your blog posts (This is part of your SEO with Majestic Warrior)

Come and make us your partner in social media to achieve success for your business and brand!